Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I've been up to

On Valentines Day we went to Miguel's in Coronado for the most amazing food I have ever tasted! After that we walked over to the beach to watch the sun set. I packed us chocolates and our favorite game. It was so romantic! I love him :)

This is my new ribbon holder. I bought it at Vignettes. Originally it was a greenish color so I sprayed it black to match my scrap room better.

My banner in the making

A sign I made for my party. I got the wood in my dads treasure pile :)

These are some frames I have been collecting for a collage above my fireplace. They are patiently waiting to be painted glossy white. Once I finish these things I will post pics. Have a wonderful day!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Looks like fun!

Can't wait to see the banner, it's gonna be adorable!

Anonymous said...

Fun Fun Fun! Love your home decor ideas - so cute! And I too love to paint frames white. Show us your arrangement when you're done! :)

Ale said...

So pretty, can't wait for the party!!!
And what a perfect sunset for you two! :D

Gen said...

I Cant wait to see all the cute stuff your making for the Tea party...that banner looks like its gonna be SUPER cute!

Gen said...

OMG...i forgot to mention the BIRD CAGE ribbon holder!... ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Freaking ADORABLE!!!! You totally suck! I love you xo!