Monday, May 17, 2010


A few weeks ago I got to go to the Reflections event in Newport Beach, CA. It was so so so fun!!!! We took 7 classes with some of the most amazing teachers. This week I'll be posting some of the projects we made. The classes were way more involved then the time allotted for them so most of us needed to finish them after we left.

We made some new friends

They gave us extra goodies each day! Like punches, stamps sets, treats, and these cute tiny scissors...I love surprises ♥

The class kits were awesome and we were left with lots of extra product to keep!

We stayed at the Hyatt in Newport. The hotel was so beautiful!

Ale and I loved the classes! (us in Elizabeth Kartchner's class)

Aside from all that there was a bonfire, Isle Carnival (with a bunch of free make and takes), and crop nights. If they do it again I will for sure be there!!!!!

Thank you so much Susan for putting it on!


Ale said...

OMG, I love the pictures!!!!! Look at our happy faces ALL the time!!! We had a blast huh?! We will be there again next year!! You look so, so cute!! :)
Love you!!

Genevieve kerns said...

OMG! Wow...That looked amazing!!!
Hopefully i can go with you guys next year :) Miss you! :}