Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas mania

The Christmas craziness is in full swing around here. I'm still playing catch up from all things I didn't get done when I was sick. Decorating the house has been my most favorite part so far. I love trying new things and making new stuff for the holidays. One thing I am very very anxious for is getting a new camera. Since my good one broke I've been using my back, which is a back up for a reason. The photos are just not quite right. At least I have one to use for now.

This is the amazing sunset we had Saturday. And that is me wishing for snow :) on the news yesterday they were showing people digging their cars out from under the snow and I was a little jealous. It's been in the 80's and way too hot for me. It's making it feel like we should be getting ready for the 4th of July instead of Christmas. Bring on the cold!!!!!

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Ale said...

Gorgeous!! I'm so glad I got to enjoy that sunset as well, the colors were beautiful!!! Anything in pink! ;)