Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Out of space

Update: thanks to my super smart friend Courtney, I'm back in action! Photobucket was the answer to my problems..yay!
So today I went to post pics on here from this weekend and apparently I've used up all my free picture storage space. That kinda annoyed me because I didn't realize there was a limit. I currently have a website that I've had for a while and just never took the time to set up. Now I might have to so I'm not paying at both sites. So on that note if you notice a few changes on the blog bare with me as I attempt to transition over.

Onto other news... I'm officially selling my albums at Paper Tales!! It's surreal that something I made it in a real life store. Very fun and exciting!!! So if you're in San Diego stop by and take a peak at them in real life :)


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Courtney said...

Oh Cherie that is sooo exciting about Paper Tales. How cool! Congrats! As far as the photos go, have you tried using photobucket.com? I've been really happy with storing photos there and it's free which is awesome!