Saturday, January 16, 2010

Being a tourist at home

A few days ago my BFF(Megan), her boy (Luke) and I went to Solana Beach to shop. Oh my...there are some super cute shops there! It was like inspiration overload. Here are a few pics of the different shops.

This was at this store called Leaping Lotus. It is like a bunch of boutiques all together in one giant store.

Out of the Blue had some great handmade items. It's like shells and glitter and repurposed items. So fun! I feel like I need to explore this shop a little more because it was so inspiring. I really want that patio set! (plus they teach crafty classes too)

And how funny is this store? I love that it's named OMG!

There is also this cute little pet boutique called Muttroplis. They had the cutest pet stuff! I got Poncho some shampoo and conditioner (which he loves).

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Ale said...

I loved the stores!!!! We need go together!!! :)