Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween love

Ahh yes I love Halloween! It's my second fave holiday (Christmas being the first of course). This past weekend I had a Halloween party at my house. It was super fun! I was supposed to be Snow White but thanks to party cities slow shipping it didn't arrive when it was supposed to so I had to improvise. Instead I was a Pretty Pretty you remember that game? My sisters and I loved it! I just wore this silver dress I had from Anthro and sewed the pink sparkly tulle to make a skirt. It worked out perfectly and I wish I would have thought of it sooner (thanks Megan for the idea!).

One discovery I made this weekend...I'm in love with carmel apple martinis!!! They are SO yummy and so easy to make. Here's the recipe:

1 part vodka
2 parts apple schnapps
2 parts butterscotch schnapps
Shake it in a shaker with ice and tada! I also filled my glass with ice to dilute it a bit because they are pretty sweet.

Have a good week!!!!

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