Monday, February 27, 2012

Sleepy day

On this wonderful rainy day I am SO SO SO tired! Like fall asleep on your dinner plate tired. Last night I stayed up way too late working on my Project Life. Now I'm paying for it. But I'm resisting to take a nap. So far today I've gone to work, bought these pink pants to go with my rain boots (BTW check out Old Navy's jean deal!)

 and I've been wandering around my yard taking pics of the rain.
 Also working on Project life some more. I love the rain!
All to try and avoid a nap, because I know if I lay down I won't wake up until the morning.


orangevity said...

You're adorable and I miss you. Hope things are well.

Alessandra said...

Love these pictures Cherie!! And your rain boots are SO cute! I remember when you bought them, so darn cute!!!

Cherie said...

Veronica, I miss you too!

Thanks Ale :)