Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Life * Weeks 3 & 4 *

Whoa this year is on the move! March already?!?! Holy cow! I'm getting caught up on blogging project life.
Here's week three

I love the Martha Stewart page protectors from Staples. They are perfect to add extra pics and such.

Week 4 - It ended up to be quite a sad week. One of the moms of a previous student of mine passed away from breast cancer. It was an amazing service, she will be missed by many.

Look how sweet Poncho is sleeping on his food plate. He melts my heart!
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Have a wonderful week!


Alessandra said...

Yay, I see moi!!!! ;)
I love the pictures of Poncho and the one of you putting down the tree!! Sad day huh?
Oh, and very cool page protectors from MS, I didn't even know that she had her stuff at Staples, go Martha!!! Love her!! :)

Cherie said...

Yes Ale she has so much stuff! Go check it out!